5MP Glass Frame Camera HD Video Recorder

৳ 2,450.00 ৳ 2,250.00

  • Camera glass
  • Wire free
  • Undetectable covert camera
  • Camera is discreet, lightweight
  • Perfect for covert surveillance
  • Glasses are plastic
  • Completely indistinguishable from any other pair of glasses in plain sight
  • Records in full 1080p 5.0 MP
  • Video: Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • 280mAh li-polymer Power
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Fashionable design makes this a popular choice in terms of eye-wear. Easy to handle and convenient to operate. World’s first HD quality video camera eye-wear with encryption read disk function.


This device provides brilliant and rich natural colors, high quality video images. HD camera for clear digital video recording. Real time recording, never let memorable moments sneak away from life.


A perfect embrace of fashion concepts and factors, limited editions available for picky trend-spotter. A must for trend-spotter, journalists, traffic police, travelers, hikers, mount climbers, students and life-lovers.

The HiTz eye glasses are the worlds first camera glasses that are wire free and have an undetectable covert camera that records in 1080p HD video with audio. The SC-HDG1 camera is discreet, lightweight, and perfect for covert surveillance. The glasses are plastic and are completely indistinguishable from any other pair of glasses in plain sight, with the micro SD card slot hidden in the side (supports up to 32GB).



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